Ready to transform into your best self? 

Estyn will assess your unique physique using a scientific approach and will provide you with individualized information about how to best represent yourself. 

This is the proven scientific method behind what creates a certain "glow", "majesty", or "star-quality" around some people. Advance professionally, attract a date, and finally get to know what works for you and what doesn't. This is not about fads or trends (though we love to use those to our advantage too). This is learning about how to present your best self through identifying and highlighting your own unique attributes. Learn how to dress your body type, and develop your personal style so you radiate with your own personal Elan.


  • Color Analysis

  • Image & Style Assessment

  • Wardrobe Edit

  • Event Styling & Design

  • Custom Clothing Development

  • Image Consulting & Development

  • Corporate Image Seminars

  • Travel Wardrobe Planning

  • Professional Shopping