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The must haves of basic image, behavior, and communications.

Learn about why your image matters so much while we cover the essentials of attitude, behavior, and communications. This program review deportment, grooming, hygiene, ettiquette, communications, faux pas, and learning to care for your investments.

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This is specifically tailored for professionals seeking advancement. We'll hone in on the acceptance look for your business industry of a traditional, professional, or a casual nature. Crack the corporate code, become relevant, be better respected, and get your goal on.

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Color is a powerful force that most people have no clue how to harness to their own advantage. Learn the basics of how to use color to get the response you want from people. We'll identify the specific colors that light up your face and how to wear them.

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This is learning about how to present your best self through identifying and highlighting your own unique attributes. We'll analyze and asses various aspects of you. Learn how to enhance your most compelling quality, dress your body type, and develop your personal style so you radiate with your own personal Elan.

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Let's go shopping! In your own closet, We'll build looks, do try ons, review, edit, and assemble a list of what you actually need. Extended or second sessions include fittings for tailoring. Afterwards, receive specialized shopping sources. It's great to follow up this session with professional shopping. 4 hour minnimum for working wardrobes.

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This is perfect for those ready to take the first step in elevating themselves without a commitment. Ask me anything. Let's get the ball rolling. We can cover as much or as little as you feel comfortable, at your speed, one hour at a time. Rest assured, you are in the hands of an award-winning fashion designer, an award-winning image consultant, and a professional fashion designer who can give you a unique perspective on your beauty.

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