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DRESS CODE: The Polished Professional

It's time to Master Your Personal Style, & Refine Your Professional Iamge with

Confidence, Clarity, & Charisma.

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The Costume Designers Guild- LIVE Event

8/5/2023 (RSVP)

DRESS CODE: The Polished Professional

I. Introduction: Adapting to the evolving work environment caused by the 2020 reset has been daunting for even the most exuberant professionals. With the return to in-office, it is imperative to ensure that your professional image reflects your refined and respectable standards. Therefore, This program is designed to inspire attendees to elevate their appearances, behaviors, and communications resulting in positive outcomes and polished professionalism.

II. Attendee Results: The program offers a comprehensive range of benefits, including:

1. Understanding your lifestyle preferences, needs, and goals and how they relate to wardrobe, shopping choices, and career success. Are you facing any obstacles? 2. Refreshing your understanding of the essential foundation of a positive image. Reviewing respectable behaviors, hygiene standards, grooming routines, communications, and deportment. 3. Learning how to dress to achieve desired results. Learn your industry standards. 4. Discovering the power of color and how you can use it to create more visual appeal, convey your message, and influence how people feel. 5. Experience ‘wearing the difference’ of increased self-confidence, polished professionalism, and enhanced charisma.

III. Conclusion:

In conclusion, attending The Art of Style and Science Women Use to Cultivate Authentic Charisma program will equip you with the necessary tools and skills to unlock your charisma potential, resulting in an authentic personal style and a professional image that will attract attention, respect, and prosperity. Whether you lead a company, a team, or your own independent work and life, it is time to break free from your comfort zone, expand your purposeful career, and positively influence relationships in your business and beyond.

IV. About The Instructor:

Estyn is a Los Angeles-based award-winning certified image consultant, an experienced fashion designer, and a costume illustrator. She is also a professionally trained dancer, and has performed at various events and locations including the Hollywood Bowl Playboy Jazz Festival. She is a beauty Pageant Winner, lector, public speaker, and mother of two. Estyn’s mission is to elevate the spirit, style, and sophistication of mankind.

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