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If you’re a professional woman and you’re always wondering

"How do I look?"



 "What am I

going to wear?"


then pay very close attention to this letter…


My name is Estyn and I am writing this to you from Los Angeles, California.

I am an award winning professional fashion designer and certified image

consultant, as well as a member of the costume designers guild.

After seeing so many women struggle with appearing polished and sophisticated

while also looking knowlegeable, capable, and worthy of respect..

I decided to put a stop to the frumpiness and finally create a solution so that you

can become the spirited, stylish, and sophisticated woman you are really

meant to be.

Why Most Women Professionals Struggle…

The biggest reason that I see women over 30 struggle with establishing

polished professionalism is because most other solutions in the industry

do not focus on fixing the root cause of the problem. Not knowing the right attire,

behaviors, and communication techniques that cause other people to accept

them as a credible professional who is worthy of respect. Instead, they only focus

on wearing the latest designer fashions without any attention of consideration of the

actual physical body that is being dressed, or what the person wishes to achieve. 

Or, worse, no consideration for current dress, adhering to old outdated dressing guidelines

that don't help them onlong in their professional goals. Both probems lacking the most 

important understanding of the individual and what they really want in life.

With my new material “DRESS CODE: The Polished Professional” I have created a

guided process that professional women can use to create an elevated, stylish, and sophisticated look for themselves once

and for all and finally knowing what looks good on them and why, as well as what dressing style will help them reach the success they are actively striving for. 


This is a proven method that uses the very latest concepts from the Costume designers guild in Hollywood, The aesthetic principles of the elevated fashion design, and the science used by top image consultants at The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City.

All this is founded on an age-old practice that was initially established by the French in dressing

royals in a flattering way befitting their individual uniqueness as well as their station. 


I Set Out To Create The PERFECT Solution For busy women who don’t have the time or interest

in fashion.. but still want to project with confidence, clarity, and charisma..


Inside of this program, I have left no stone unturned. 


Here is EVERYTHING you’re going to learn:

  • The most essential appearance, behavior, and communication techniques that are critical to being accepted as the experienced credible professional that you no doubt are.

  • How to dress appropriately for your industry no matter if it's formal, professional, or casual business.

  • How to use color for your wardrobe and influence how others respond to you.

  • How to simplify your wardrobe so that getting dressed daily becomes a smooth process.

  • How to identify your body type and the styles and cuts that were invented just for you.

  • How to camouflage your physical insecurities and highlight your best assets to experience greater self confidence and be more compelling.

  • How to be an inspiring presence so that you can show everyone that you have what it takes to overcome obstacles and face challenges with polished poise and professionalism.

For most women trying to advance professionally, this takes years of time spent shopping and experimenting, making mistakes and faux pas.  It also costs excessive amounts and there is no guarantee that you will be dressed right or look great for what you want in the end.


How Much Is The Investment?

The investment to access the exclusive original material DRESS CODE: The Polished Professional is going to be $3700


But, for the duration of our beta program (likely just over the next 2-4 weeks) I am discounting the price to $500 for the next 10 people who join. 


To make it a true no-brainer, you don’t even need to pay-in-full now. All I’m asking for is a $50 fully refundable deposit to show that you’re serious so that I can know exactly how many people will be in the initial beta group.


My Iron-Clad Guarantee To You

I’m someone that likes to stand behind my name, my reputation, and the work that I put out into the world.


That’s why when you join the program, I’m willing to offer a guaranteed improvement on your image if you follow the techniques outlined..


This means, I promise you will feel better about your self image and others around you will notice.


I’m In - What’s Next?

If you’ve read this letter and think this is the right fit for you, send me back a message saying “I’m in!” and I’ll get you set up :) 


First come, first serve. 10 spots only. Just a $50 fully refundable deposit to reserve your discounted spot.


Let me know if you’re in! Or, if you have any specific questions and want to chat. 


-Estyn Elan


The Polished Professional

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