Proudly announcing the Modern Folklore Collection taking silver place in the International Design Competition: A'Design Award! Special thanks to my partner: Christian Engl, Photographer Stefan Soell, model Margarita Maiseyenka, and Hair and Make-Up Artist: Anatacia M.

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The process of creation is what gets me out of bed everyday. The possibility of realizing something (especially something I can wear), that was previously only an abstract idea born of my imagination, is the most satisfying part of my solitary existence. When I was a kid that was Illustration. I loved drawing kittens, flowers, and of course historical fashion plates. Needless to say I have been illustrating fashion since I was a tween. So many people ask me for an Illustration, or offer to buy one that I would never consider parting with.. I finally got the hint.

Now I offer fashion illustrations ! Please check out my fashion Illustration service that is focused on helping fashion and beauty professionals grow their enterprises. Of course, all inquiries are welcome.

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If you are interested in fashion, then this article is for you. The online-only web platform is committed to discovering and supporting pioneers in contemporary fashion. I am so honored to have been selected as such! With great content, and global coverage, this amazing network provides cutting edge design-world news from contemporary designers who otherwise have a fraction of this audience. So many Fashion Blogs and Magazines are only interested in the mega-corporate fashion brands, and the truly creative entrepreneurs go largely un-noticed.

This is a game changer for advertisers, designers, corporations, stylists, retailers, and students. I believe that this is the future direction of the fashion industry. Discover more fashion, expand your horizons, and check out NJAL.

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