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If you are interested in fashion, then this article is for you. The online-only web platform www.notjustalabel.com is committed to discovering and supporting pioneers in contemporary fashion. I am so honored to have been selected as such! With great content, and global coverage, this amazing network provides cutting edge design-world news from contemporary designers who otherwise have a fraction of this audience. So many Fashion Blogs and Magazines are only interested in the mega-corporate fashion brands, and the truly creative entrepreneurs go largely un-noticed.

This is a game changer for advertisers, designers, corporations, stylists, retailers, and students. I believe that this is the future direction of the fashion industry. Discover more fashion, expand your horizons, and check out NJAL.

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After traveling for two days to reach the world’s newest nation, Embroiled in a tragic interethnic conflict, model citizen Mascha Anne Davis recently arrived in the war-torn country of South Sudan.

Davis pulled on her wellies & waded through knee-deep mud to set up her office. In the days following, the registered dietitian nutritionist worked tirelessly with local staff to treat malnutrition in children and women. Davis has an AMAZING story.

be a better version of yourself. Learn about what is going on in the world and why your problems may not be as depressing as you thought. Get inspired to do something. Follow the link to watch the TEDx talk and get the full story. Discover your newest role model and check out her TEDx talk.

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IF you love Los Angeles, CA USA- this one is for you. Voyage LA is a Los Angeles based super source of information about one of the our country's (if not the world's) favorite cities. Get ready to hangout on their site and look around.. because they have interesting articles about people and places even locals can't keep up with.

Take a peek at our feature!


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